You made history in the World Cup,

You made history in the World Cup,” Mbappe tells Hakimi.


In the midst of the French players’ exuberant celebrations, it was seen that their star forward. Kylian Mbappe. maneuvered through his teammates before reaching over his close buddy and anchor of the Moroccan defense. Achraf Hakimi. He assisted the fullback in standing up before the two guys embraced one another. The touching exchange was a reflection of the two friends’ genuine admiration for one another amid Morocco’s historic World Cup semi-final performance last night. In a brief video message, Mbappe quipped. “I have to kill my pal.” It will slightly break my heart. but hey, that’s football, you know. I must murder him. But when the far-off possibility materialized, their public messaging grew more sincere.

England will continue to play in a 4-3-3 formation.

The two exchanged handshakes and hugs in the tunnel prior to the game. and they were also seen laughing together while it was being played. Only a few hours after the game. Mbappe publicly expressed his admiration for his friend and the Moroccan team. The French star tweeted an image of the buddies hugging and wrote. “Don’t be sad, bro; everybody is proud of what you accomplished; you made history.” Hakimi previously stood up for Mbappe when the idea of his leaving PSG was raised. Hakimi confessed to Telefoot in April. “I love him.”  When the possibility of playing each other in the World Cup was raised in January of this year, the pals had amusingly sparred on social media. The two players exchanged shirts following the game, with

Didier Deschamps costs France their momentum.

In order to make Hakimi’s name more noticeable during his celebrations. Mbappe wore Hakimi’s shirt backwards. The two were seen conversing together while leaning against the wall in the tunnel. The first Arab or African nation to advance to the World Cup semifinals is the Atlas Lions. Before returning to Paris. the two players are both anticipated to play once more for their respective nations in the World Cup: Mbappe against Argentina in the championship game and Hakimi against Croatia in the third-place playoff. What was Hakimi’s reply? The smiling 24-year-old Moroccan wing-back declared, “I’m going to destroy him. history World Cup

 Source: aljazeera

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